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"I think the queen hunts, just a different sort of prey and as you say, she has a lot of other things to deal with," she replied gently.

A gentle nod was offered as her hand slipped around and upon his arm as they walked towards the terrace. The smile fell a little along with her shoulders drooped a bit too, "I hope that you are able to receive the aid you need to battle the westron borders along with those cheeky bandits that attacked a Royal entourage."

She fell silent but for a moment, "The Queen is quite mercurial in nature. It is difficult to know when or what will earn her wrath. I have never done such as you heard of that occurred in Delving. Just minor pranks that would make people laugh, but never damaging or entirely humiliating...or devastating. I hardly think it would warrant such punishments and I have attempted to do a bit better. I am listening more and attempting to learn from the mistakes that I make. I can also say that I never make the same mistake twice, or have not...yet. However, no matter how great or small, the queen has put it upon herself to punish me in other ways that would not leave scars upon my body, just upon my mind with the hopes I would learn." But how do you reason with or please someone that can never be pleased? She would always be a disappointment and never an ally.
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