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She promised that she would not go far and just needed a moment away from the feasting hall. Thankfully, she did not promise any sort of rendezvous to anyone in particular even though she took any opportunity to catch Jacen's glance before giving him a coy little smile. He did not seem to be a man that appreciated being crowded, but she was not the type that liked to be crowded as well. Maybe stalked by someone who she mutually adored, but most times it was not something she could appreciate.

Only one guard followed behind at a professional pace and posture a reminder of her time in Delving and hopefully none will follow her around once they reached Fairgrove or Tal Solarii. It was still difficult to say and the guard was probably more of a spy to ensure that Tyana keeps her word to the King.

A brilliant smile appeared as she heard her name and noticed Attericus standing there and she offering him a curtsy before answering. "Uncle! Yes, I am Tyana." Then she chuckled at his question and teasingly quipped back, "I suppose he would reply wondering who was in more danger, my lord. How have you been?" Not really knowing how he was, but just wanting to extend interest in one's health and well-being.
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