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Kain did not stop walking as they talked, though his pace slowed. He glanced her way but his gaze flitted away moments later, a sigh passing his lips. "Do I seem the sort to hide true anger, my love? When all the world knows of me is my storied rage? He snorted.

He steered their steps toward the far doors of the terrace. There at least were shadows and a pair of trees to give some semblance of privacy to their discussion. They had little option in this crowded place, with his wife in his chamber and hers shared among gods knew how many girls and servants.

"Amina, tell me true: is this worry about me, or over something else in your mind?" His grip on her arm tightened ever so slightly--not enough to purposely hurt but in case she bolted. "Perhaps your thoughts are lingering on some other lord...?"
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