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"The problem of involving the temples in general is that half the godsworn in this city are dead and gathering others from the countryside will take a month or more- depending on your grace's edict of quarantine." Kain's eyes were cold, his voice dispassionate.

"Prince Jarem and your lord Constable both make good points: we must make sure no Elonians are born of this, and yet must be sure to see this rebellion shattered and buried in the dust. I say gather to you whatever high- or the highest- priests and priestesses who remain, uncle, and ask them what punishments the gods demand of those who rose against their ordained rule. Then take the men we captured and decimate them- one in ten will lose his life in whatever way the gods decreed. The others lose a left or right hand, by lots, and some lucky straws might just have their faces branded. Then let whatever remains of their lives be spent building new temples and fixing what they tried to destroy."
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