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“Mirrormount, my lady, in the mountains of Westridge,” she answered. Valisa was not entirely sure if she should correct Sabur’s thinking. She was a bastard born to one of the King’s brothers. More than likely the Queen did not know of her yet or maybe she did with the letters that were written and sent to keep people abreast of the information of the Royals’ day to day.

Another approached as she heard the voice before laid eyes upon him. “Good day to you,” she spoke when she was introduced and then smiled just as sweetly when she smiled towards Sabur. “To the gardens, Lord Idris, would you care to accompany us?” She asked observing the handsomeness between the pair of cousins was as beautiful as the othe Vellfyres, Solvitreos and such. Of course, she completely forgot to lump herself in that category now too.

“Beautifully designed and a momentary reprieve until I need to gather up some herbs,” she added happily.
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