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"It is lovely to meet you, I am Valisa St..err...Vellfyre," she said and it was her turn to give a quick frown. "I am not the princess, but her kin." A new cousin...Hearing it sounded foreign to her, but whether it was said or not, the King made it official and there was no going back. "The princess is in the family way and has been instructed by the magister and midwife not to exert herself too much and so close to when the child comes."
Well, the conflicting messages about Valencia's pregnancy were solved nicely, and from her own relative at that. The princess was far from a miscarriage if she was about to give birth, and Sabur filed it away for later.

"My best wishes to the princess for a quick birth and a healthy babe, Lady Valisa," Sabur told her. "My older sister was all but bedridden halfway through her pregnancy, but there's no indication that the child will be sickly. My twin nephews are quite the handful today."

She grinned, but felt a twinge of conflict at the memory--there was the genuine concern over the months of watching over Rahil and her immense belly, and then an amused relief when it turned out she'd been carrying twins. However, their mother had been wailing over her "poor eldest daughter" from the moment the midwife arrived, and the family's shield-maid Ghaythah would often chuckle that Amat wanted to keep attention on her dramatic worrying instead of Rahil's actual pregnancy.

"I have never been to Trimeris and have been quite sheltered before coming to my new home. I have never seen anything like Tal Volorro and Tor Vellesca either and still attempting to gain my bearings. Would you care to walk with me to explore a little more of this place?"

Sabur politely kept herself from frowning in confusion. Valisa almost sounded like one of the maids instead of a relative to Princess Valencia. Foreign culture aside, nobility was nobility: Even a mid-ranking family like House al-Kafiba knew the basics of propriety, and how on earth would a grown woman admit to being "sheltered?"

Perhaps Valisa's family lived in a more rural area; after Sabur's lifetime of dealing with merchants and travelers from different countries, and the past few months of absorbing Queen Charlotte's rigidly impeccable manners, she had a good head for sorting out people's backgrounds. If Valisa kept babbling about her own shortcomings to everyone she met, she'd be seen as a country-dwelling laughingstock or made into a pawn by a craftier person.

Sabur felt a twinge of dread at that last thought. She couldn't let someone flounder around like this without teaching her something of proper conduct.

"I'd be quite happy to join you, Lady Valisa." She smiled again and reached out for a handshake, making a beaded bird on her sleeve glitter. "I'm still rather sore from riding, but I should be able to keep a good pace."

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