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“Good morning, my lady, I do hope you are having a lovely day so far?”

She'd seen the other lady coming, so Sabur hadn't been too surprised that she'd walked over. She nodded and slowed down, and felt quite relieved that the lady spoke about as carefully as her; another foreigner, perhaps? "Yes, it's much better than yesterday. We're part of Queen Charlotte's entourage from Trimeris--she sent me and my cousin ahead to let the palace know she's coming. She'll be here tomorrow evening, or in two more days at mast."

Oh dear, something didn't sound right. The Edoleen language had so many extra letters, and High Edoleen had quite a few social rules for pronouncing things... "most," that was it. "Mast" was for a ship. She allowed herself a quick frown before slipping back into her neutral pleasantry.

"At most," she corrected. "Apologies, my lady, I've only been learning High Edoleen for a few months. My name is Sabur al-Kafiba--I'm the queen's new lady-in-waiting. Are you the princess, perhaps?"

She knew as well as most of Trimeris that this woman had an extremely low chance of being Valencia: Either the princess was going through a difficult pregnancy or had an outright miscarriage, and neither condition lent itself to strolling around the courtyard. But information always got a bit muddy past the border--she might as well start sorting things out.
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