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331: The 1M riots hit too close to home--literally. He rides out in the rescue attempt for the temples, only to discover Shiera Veracora was taken by rioters. He chases her abductors down into Firewell, and frankly... sets it on fire. >.> But he rescues the girl.. only Shiera's already badly injured and her mother insists on sending her home to Seastone rather than letting her recuperate in Tor Vellesca or even Summerhall. Kain isn't amused. He's also implicated in his cousin Lenore's divorce from her husband.

He accompanies the court on progress, is forced to wed Alys Fairwind in 4M (in a patched-together insta-wedding for ~reasons~), gets his arm broken in a bandit raid, and generally spends the whole time scrambling around because he's the acting marshal for the whole damn thing. He takes Amina Solvitreo as his mistress.
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