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Default Lucia Vellfyre

Name: Lucia Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Lady Lucia of House Vellfyre
Age and Birthdate: 19 years old, born in AYEAR 311, on the twenty-first day of the ninth month.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Vollorro
Noble House, Affiliations: Vellfyre... was born into it...
Position at Court: Lady, Royal Family Member, Resident Know-It-All

Height: 5’5”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Scar: Has a long scar on her back that runs from her shoulder to the base of her ribs.
PB: Rosamund Pike

Lucia is the youngest of three and the youngest in general in the royal family line. As far removed from the throne as the stars from the Earth, she has, in theory, led a very comfortable life with very little expectation to be more than just a prim and proper lady who represents the court and the family well. Of course, this is in theory... Not in practice. She has, unfortunately, been burdened with the gift of intelligence. This is, however, not to be confused with wisdom. She is not wise. Just smart. There is so much about the world she doesn’t know... but of course she THINKS she knows it because she's read books about places. And really... that’s all you have to do, right?

Now, intelligence without wisdom is not the trouble here. Even if she had both, it would not help the fact that her analytical mind has a bad habit of over analyzing. She is, to that end, a hypochondriac and constant worrier. Everything in life is a puzzle and every puzzle has a solution which has to fit perfectly within that puzzle and in the end that puzzle HAS to make a pretty picture or else it meant she did something wrong somewhere and has to start all over again. In short... if she doesn’t have the answer to something, she HAS to figure it out or she’ll become frustrated and cranky. Thoughts are constantly going a mile a minute in her head and perhaps her only saving grace from becoming the type to fixate on things is that she also is easily distracted and tends to try to solve many puzzles at once.

Because of how her mind works, she sometimes has difficulty relating to many of her peers. It’s a good thing she happens to be very fond of dancing and fashion or she would have nothing to talk about at court. She loves music as well, but her problem with music is that she tends to approach a bit too mathematically and less... artistically. Her inability to fit in, however, does not limit itself to just other females. She does not get along that much better with men either. Some tend to think she’s overly talkative, others think she’s a bit too snobby. She does not help this as when she is nervous (as she always is around men) she tends to talk even more than she usually does and when she does talk, she talks about subjects she knows a great deal about which can come off as condescending. She has only recently realized this and has tried to temper it... tried. The only time she honestly feels at home is when she’s either talking to her family members or when she is talking to the guards or knights... Perhaps it comes with the admiration she feels towards those who protect others.

Her sense of humor is very specific. Like many of her cousins, it is a dry wit that she possesses. In some events this is all right, but she tends to push several lines. She is very opinionated and feels that very rarely her opinions are not needed to be voiced. Her father has had a chore of a time trying to keep her in line, and some of these times have come with a slap here or there... But that has not stopped her from speaking her mind on a regular basis... She’s just careful enough to know where the line is and when she can put her toes on it.

As far as her father goes, it is a very strange relationship. There is a great deal of love between them... but she tends to pull away from him much to his dismay. He does not force his time on her but does step in as a father when it is required. She gets along well with her siblings... at times... Her sister she would regard as her best friend. Her brother... well, she loves her brother dearly and would do anything for him... But if somebody told her she had to be alone for a lengthy period of time with him, she would walk the other way and pretend she hadn’t heard it.

311: The third and youngest child to Kadreth and Helaina Vellfyre is born. Her birth came with many complications. Helaina fell ill and progressively grew worse through the autumn and winter months. The baby, however, recovered after one month under the care of her nurses.
312: Helaina Vellfyre passes away in the early days of the year after her long battle with her illness. Prince James dies. Lucia doesn’t remember anything about him.
314: Her brother, Kaleb, is sent to squire in Copplestone.
320: Kaleb returns home but has failed to become a knight. Cousin Ziamara is married to Artos Vayth.
325: Her cousin, Prince Jason, marches to war. Many of her cousins join him.
326: Lucia is injured mysteriously. The injury leaves a permanent scar on her back. The royal family is hush about how the injury occurred.
328: Prince Rollant dies. This time, Lucia is struck with grief. Rollant was one of her favorites. Zee’s husband died, too. She cares a good deal less about that. She wouldn’t care at all if not for how much she loves Ziamara…
330: The Khan’s men fought into a stand-still and seeming to withdraw behind established borders, many highborn lords and knights return home. The homecoming combines with the reception of Valencia’s new husband and Rosina’s leave-taking with the Meridian envoys.

Nessa Swanson - handmaiden
Willa Watson - handmaiden

Chuckles - Tabby
Jester - Great Dane


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