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"Wonderful," Jason said happily. "I was hoping to go to the yard. I have not trained since the hunt, and my arm finally feels like it will stay firmly in place. The knee...? Well..." He looked down at it and tilted his head from one side to the other as if weighing how good or bad it was. "I've had worse? I know we spoke of training together, and while I hope you'll still indulge me, I must beg your forgiveness before we begin. I am afraid I will not present the challenge you deserve all things considered. But I promise I'll make it up to you if you promise to go easy on me."

He smiled and gestured for Jayr to walk with him. "It must be relieving to see your sisters again. Regardless of what people say of older brothers, it is never easy to be parted from those you wish to keep safe."
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