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Valencia was too busy nitpicking a detail as Elizabeth responded. "Perhaps, but I would not imagine that I am the likely choice," it was said matter-of-factly, but off-handly and even excluded the sting that it might have once had when compared to her half-sister.

"Yes, that I would imagine is the truth of it. I heard that these Mondragons are dreadful creatures, but I am and have never really been one for gossip," she added as she began to mix her paints once more.

"All in due time," she murmured. "I do not wish to be bombarded by these people, but by all means, if you see her in passing, perhaps you can gain an impression of her so I am prepared for it. She is probably overjoyed with such a change in her life and might I am not ready to have to deal with her especially if she is ill-mannered and boorish," she added with a sniff.

Just as she finished her sentence, the door opened and a dark-haired girl was escorted further into the chambers. Valencia's head rose and she openly assessed the girl. By the gods, what was she wearing? The princess thought as she stared at Damiata. "What is your name girl?" She asked with a snip not realizing that it might have sounded rude if not impatient as she went back to what she was doing as soon as she had her fill of what the girl looked like knowing that she could never burn such an image out of her mind.

"Take it away to dry and bring a fresh canvas," she commanded just then as she looked back at Dami, but did not offer her the opportunity to sit.
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