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Damiata stopped outside the room the princess occupied. She tugged on her sleeves to straighten them, checked her dress again. A day and a half in Tor Vellesca's grandeur had left her reeling rather than comforted. Now a princess... and Damiata wasn't Valisa, she didn't have blood in common with the Vellfyres...

She swallowed, screwing up her courage before the servant opened the door to announce her. She entered with slow, small steps to avoid tripping on her hem, terribly conscious of the linen brocade dress she wore and how little it resembled Valencia's or those on the other women. Mountain styles, not entirely suited to the lowland heat, and hastily altered to pass muster with the court... but the neckline remained a trace higher, the sleeves narrower, the skirts not so full. At least her hair was arranged in a similar type of braid...?

She dipped into a low curtsy, waiting to be spoken to before addressing anyone.
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