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"She likely is looking forward to meeting a princess," Elizabeth observed, lifting her head from her sewing long enough to watch Valencia's other attendant rush off in search of Damiata. "I'm expecting that she never planned to see Tal Volorro, much less become a cousin." Today, owing to the heat that had started to permeate, Liz had done both her and Valencia's hair up in elaborate braids atop their heads, so that the cool air could reach their necks. Absently, she tugged at a bit of loose hair before she looked down at the fine baby dress she was embroidering. It seemed as though the last month alone had been her feverishly preparing for the new arrival, and keeping Valencia as comfortable as possible. She certainly did not mind that, as she preferred Valencia's company, but she hated seeing the princess in such pain, going through the last stages of pregnancy. It did not help that the height of summer was upon them, as it was the worst time of year to suffer such.

"I'm curious about Keegan's new daughter, as well," she observed, a bit more craftily. "None one back from the progress has explained how that came about, well enough for my taste anyway."
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