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Default 4.25 | Letter sent to Elizabeth Ambrosios | R: 11

Letter sent by messenger, escorted by two Ambrosios' guards.


News reaches Iron Shores now of a bandit attack upon the royal party.
Considering your last correspondence, one cannot help but to wonder.
I shall soon depart for Blacktide. I prepare the caravans now.
I may ride ahead, however.
I am also sending word to the various vassals around Blacktide. It is only fitting that we go to pay our due respect to the daughter of the king.

If any or all goes awry, know that I am in good health. If such changes, I shall send a message to you. If you do not hear from me in a week's time, send word to Taran who will remain behind in Iron Shore.

Be well, sister. Stay put.


Cael Ambrosios, Lord of Iron Shore
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