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Lenore just smiled at Tyana despite not entirely believe that even making people cry thrilled Kalden. With a sigh she nodded her head, “Yes, I suppose so but at least there he’s not wrapped up in the day to day drama that seems to surround us. He’ll eventually find everything out and when he does I am sure he’ll be furious and rant and rave like a lunatic but for now he’s not privy to everything.”

Darting a look at Tyana, “Kalden’s frustrations didn’t stem from what he’d faced in the war but rather a family disagreement.” She held her cousin’s gaze, “It was unfortunate that he did so among an audience but there always seems to be an audience around. You can’t do anything anymore without someone catching you.”

She smiled, “Well that is good because snow wine ranks lower than brandy on my preference… I wouldn’t show you my small clothes for a glass of snow wine.” Lenore teased indignantly with wrinkling of her nose. “The best you’d get is maybe a peek at my ankles…”
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