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It was nice to be able to cheer Len up and she tilted her head, "Do you suppose he will be thrilled to be back?" She liked Kellan who seemed to only wish to drink himself into a constant stupor most days. There was always a wall that he hid behind to avoid thinking about something that haunts him, but it was all speculation on her part.

She giggled, "I can completely see that as the truth." She nodded understanding how it is difficult when your actions ended up affecting your family even when at the time there was no way to know how the cards might fall. To see what everyone's fate was before it occurred, it was a rather daunting ability to have.

She fell silent listening to Len knowing all of it to be true.

"I do not know about that. I usually do things that come to me in the form of inspiration, or just curiosity. Whatever the reason that comes of it whether it is positive or negative is something more than nothing." She frowned with a pensive expression, "And what is it you want to see happen that you are worried to even try lest you fail at it?"
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