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“I won’t tell him you said that…” Lenore giggled, shaking her head. “I am almost counting the days to see him again. I don’t see Kellan as much as I’d like either for that matter…” She sighed heavily and glanced around the room for her other brother wondering just where he was at.

Her eyes widened and she let out throaty chuckle, “Oh, I know my mother can handle herself… I’d put her up against an entire army of heathens and she’d come out unscathed and leading them around like a bunch of whipped puppy dogs.” Playing more with the wine glass steam, “It’s just she should have to deal with this. Edric and I made our own mistakes, my mother shouldn’t have to pay for them, but the world isn’t fair.”

Shaking her head, “No, I meant Alianor was cool and detached… my mother, granted can be rather cool and detached as well… she’s not in a snit, I don’t think. Disappointed maybe? But I don’t believe she is angry with me. Princess Alianor is in a royal snit.” Staring off into the crowd for a moment before she was brought back to reality again by a peculiar question.

“Do I know what I want?” Lenore parroted quietly then turned to look at Tyana. “Absolutely not. I know things I would like to happen but mmm… wanting them just makes them seem so much more… solidified? Like I am setting myself up for failure if I don’t make it happen?”
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