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“There is attached and then there is what her highness is… it’s over the line. A man of almost forty should not still be hanging on to his mother’s hem.” She said pointedly, “Did you know he cried…. like… all the time?” Arching her brows at Tyana. “He burst into tears talking to Kalden...I only wish I’d seen the look on Kalden’s face at that moment.” She sighed realizing she’d let a bit of emotion slip into her speech regarding him.

“It has definitely strained their friendship, I am not sure if that will ever be repaired to what it once was... and in that I am truly sorry.” Her gaze dropped to the table and she toyed with her empty wine glass.

“Me?” Her gaze raised to Tyana’s again and she paused thinking about a way to answer that. “Detached. Cold. I hear no one is to mention my name around her unless necessary.” She sighed and shrugged, “She blames me… and I suppose there are a great many things I did that didn’t help my marriage to Lord Sollis but she’ll never acknowledge I don’t think that he was anything but innocent.”
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