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"Hmm, you are right, polished gem maybe? Polished silver?" She added to the imagery knowing that Pari's path will be arduous and fraught with many obstacles while stuck right in the middle of everyone staring and judging her every action.

Thank goodness she decided to drop the topic of Jason with a change of a subject. "Zaza is up to something I would imagine. Although, she has not even told me of her latest scheme or who has caught her fancy. All in due time, I would imagine." With a shrug, not in the habit of sharing all of their affairs. Her features darkened regarding Amina and was tempted to tell all of what she and her twin heard the night before. "As for Amina, there is someone who wants to grow up far too fast by throwing herself at the wrong men." She took another drink knowing that she had no other proof about how many men she was sharing herself with in an attempt to prove herself to probably herself, but she also did not want to utter his name. "I would imagine Sanya and even your mother might have to put more eyes on Amina before she does something too stupid to recover from on her own."
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