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That was a terrifying thought. Their sort of crazy spreading like a disease through the court. She giggled into her wine glass and took another sip.

Lenore sighed, giving a small shrug, "Sometimes it appears that way but sometimes it's the best road." Nodding as she added it to her list of things to work on then smiled, "Goodness, I hope she doesn't become a polished stone... who wants to be married to a stone?" Her gaze flitted towards Jason and Parissa as she studied them for a moment then looked back to Tyana who laughed at her comment.

"Mmmmhm." Len murmured in an all to knowing manner. She'd been on the other side of Jason's charms too. "It's a sound way to be..." Lifting her own glass of wine again to her lips, "So tell me what is the latest with Zaza and Amina? Zaza has been rather busy lately and I've only seen Amina in passing."
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