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Rhaegar strode back into Elinor's room, hair having come loose from a broken tie and helmet tucked under his arm. There were things other than training to be done today but he needed the clarity found on the practice field so a couple short bouts were all he allowed himself.

Elinor was in bed, not that he blamed her. Had he been able to sleep at all lately, he'd have been beside her. Still, he avoided making as much noise as he could while he set the helm aside. He't discarded most of his armor with Olyvar at the field, washed up before returning to avoid subjecting her to the unavoidable stench of sweat-soaked leather and gambesons, so he remained clad in a simple tunic and breeches, a little damp from washing and entirely distracted by the pair of letters waiting him on a table by the door.

He shot a quick glance at Elinor as she stirred, more than a little sure she no longer slept. "There is food, if you are awake enough, my lady."
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