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The dire warnings of the evening before echoed through his thoughts all that night and into the morning. It wasn't unlike his family to venture into dramatics when it came to problems such as these, but this...ingratiating himself to the royal family seemed, in a sense, somewhat like kissing arses. Something Jayr hated. But it was in his family's, his house's, best interests. No matter what his father might think, he always tried to put those interests first.

At least ingratiating himself to the prince's favor might not be too terrible. He had just left his room, in fact, to ask the same question the prince now asked him. Which shocked him, in a sense...he did not expect the prince to seek him out first.

"As you can see..." he swept his hand over the simple clothing he, too, donned. "...I've many plans today. Which today, in the grand scheme of things, means no plans, highness. I'm bored out of my skull."
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