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Default 4.29.31 afternoon | Bored? | Warrick, William (Gavin later)

He knew that it was too soon. Messengers were not magicians and fate tended to be fickle these days. News kept flowing in and out of the castle. Whispers of Winona and the Veracora and Tal Dragore. And all it could mean... The gossip was all blathered in excitement, but there was uncertainty in the air. Nobody knew what came next. Nobody knew whether it was a good or bad thing. But one thing was clear... Adhemar would never sanction it. Warrick couldn't blame him. If ever a power play had been made against him, that was it. To allow it was to prove weakness. To crush it showed strength. Intolerance toward over-ambition. It would seem Winona's last visit to Vellesca may well have been the very last time Warrick saw her... Or her little boy. That poor little boy. Who had done nothing wrong save being born to an opportunistic mother who thought she knew politics better than all others around her.

Walking down the corridor with more rigidity in his spine than he usually possessed, he approached his brother's chamber door and gave a loud knock. "Will? I'm coming in? Tell whatever woman you're with... or women... to get decent if they want nothing seen." He grabbed the handle and pushed, squinting at the sunlight that poured through the windows into the antechamber.
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