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Zanara Solvitreo 06-06-2016 06:51 PM

5.04 late afternoon (before the feasts) - Family Meeting - Open to Solvitreos
((ooc: I'm not making npc accounts for the various NPC Solvitreos so I'll include them in Zanara's posts- K))

Zanara leaned Azemar's arm as he walked her to Khorane's temporary chambers (his usual rooms having been given up to the king, as they were ritually given up to her own father in the summers when Adhemar bothered accompanying the family to Fairgrove). It was his older brother Kyel rather than a servant who opened the door for them. He greeted Zanara with a quick embrace before Khorane himself swept in. He pointed Zaza to a seat by the windows.

"When does the magister believe you'll be fit to ride again, Zara?" Khorane's deep voice rumbled. "Your father has a fine saddle horse waiting you in the stables. I suppose your sisters will have to do the exercising...?"

"A week may do it. I hope to be out of this hobble-foot cast ere thy games are finished, my lord."

"We shall all hope for that happy outcome. Your brother and sister are summoned as well, but I had hoped to speak with you first."

She looked at Kyel and Azemar, but neither of them seemed too worried. Still... "Is this something to do with why half of father's privy council are here?"

"That's what we are gathered to speak on. But no, you and I... your father has received a quest for your hand. From Lord Voldryn's heir."

Her heart sped up but she fought to keep herself calm and bit her tongue. "Oh...?"

Khorane nodded. "Nothing is signed, Zanara. Nor is it likely to be signed for some while yet... not until certain matters in the 'Shores are put to rest. But I will explain that your father has not refused him. I hope you are old enough to understand the difference."

Zanara took a breath. Steady. Exhale. "I do, Khorane. Thank you. I... I believe I understand my father's reasons well enough. I will trust his judgement, as ever."

"You... you want to wed one of them?" Azemar asked in disbelief. "I thought you'd be screaming from the heights."

"I, ah, would not mind. Thane is... going to be a powerful lord in his own right. I would feign have a husband I knew could protect me, and if he wishes to be my husband so much the better. Who wants a husband who doesn't want them?"

"Fair enough, coz." Kyel's lips twisted in a wry smirk. "I hear the others coming. Just a moment." He got up to walk out the door, presumably in order ot greet one or both of her siblings.

"Is Alodie joining us today?" Zanara asked Khorane.

"No. The younger ones... we'll all deal with them later."

Jayr Solvitreo 06-06-2016 11:48 PM

A summons. At least it was something to do, other than sit around with his thumb stuck up his arse. But a summons usually meant several things: bad news, annoying news, or somewhat mediocre news. Jayr wouldn't put it past those who summoned him to deliver bad news, as at least one of his sisters seemed to be a magnet for such trouble lately...

The door was open by Kyel, and Jayr walked into the room, glancing at Zaza, walking over toward her to stand by her seat, hand resting on the top of it. Offered a seat, he waved it off. "I'll stand for the moment...thank you. Now, since members of father's privy council is here, I can only assume there is news. Please, spare us the agony and just get on with the assurances that it's 'not bad news' and that 'everything is fine'."

Usually, one or more of those statements was a lie.

Zanara Solvitreo 06-07-2016 12:34 AM

Khorane's smile did not reach his eyes. "We will wait for Tyana. But let me assure you, Jayr, nothing is fine this time. Nor is any tidbit I have to tell you good by any stretch of the definition."

Zanara turned to look up at Jayr, worry beginning to show beneath her carefully calm facade. "Khorane... please?"

"I will only explain all of this once, Zanara. And forgive me but I do not trust either of you to relay your father's wishes to your sister in total. My instructions are clear. I hope you both have remembered your Classical Asseryan and High Merideen during your long sojourn in the north, for we will not speak of this in the common tongues."

Zanara's breath escaped in a hiss. "A-as you wish, my lord... At least tell us how dire this is?"

Khorane looked at his sons, then his gaze fixed on Jayr rather than Zanara. "If all falls against us, then there can be nothing worse to happen. Our house will fall, and you will both beg the king to spare your lives."

Jayr Solvitreo 06-07-2016 01:59 AM

Gods above, did everything have to be so dramatic? The secrecy, the--yes. Something was wrong. He almost wished that it was good news, for he hated seeing his sister like this. Either one of his sisters.

But he couldn't tell her not to worry. Jayr wasn't one to offer false platitudes.

Speaking in something other than Edolene. Yes. This was serious. "I'd say it was ridiculous, but let me ask who would be so brazen and bold as to move against my lord father's house."

Tyana Solvitreo 06-07-2016 08:49 AM

Tyana was summoned and headed towards her uncle’s borrowed rooms while the King stayed in his chambers. When she arrived, the doors were opened and she saw Kyel acting as doorman. It would have been easy enough to show him contempt, but instead, her features softened and she even managed to give him a convincing smile.

Even if he attempted to hug her, she would not recoil or go stiff and hugged him as warmly as if he were someone she adored. She would even manage to keep the disgust inward where once she would have felt faint and her heart would palpate but now it just left her with an upset stomach.

Keen eyes, quickly surveyed the room seeing rather dour faces setting the mood of what she just walked into allowing her to act accordingly. The smile diminished which was already starting to hurt her face with so much faking into a look of pensiveness and concern. “It is good to see you again Uncle. My apologizes at the tardiness,” she murmured in greeting just to fall silent attempting to discern what was not being said quite yet. None of it sat well with her, but her personal squabbles with Kyel was apparently going to be the least of her worries.

Zanara Solvitreo 06-07-2016 05:38 PM

"You've been too long away, Jayr," Khorane sighed but his voice was tired rather than reproachful. He greeted Tyana before explaining himself, offering her a smile even if did not hold the effusive warmth. "You look well, Tyana..."

"Now, we are gathered," he said switching back to Classical Asseryan. Most nobles spoke it but servants didn't, and that was the biggest advantage. "There is something you must all know, and you must appreciate before you set foot out of these rooms: the Shores is on the cusp of a rebellion against us all. Civil strife is an ugly plague and spreads like wildfire--and so it has come. The Veracora lordling has wed the Saherazai dowager in secret, and I suspect he may already have taken control over the Saherazai fleet. Now, they can have but one goal: to marshal all other discontents to their banners. And remember you well that the Leah Vellfyre resides now in the royal court, whispering in her kinsmen's ears about the virtues of her children and reminding them all of our Merideen ties. That we profit more by Merideen trade than Edolene.

"This will come down to royal favor and the king's moods. If we strike back, we must have leave to spill his own kinsman's blood. Or we are bound to let the shark bite us and bleed into the water... because if we do not win the king's permission, we may well be cast as enemies to the Vellfyres. With our ships fighting pirates and southron trade dwindling, we are beset... and this can either be the moment we turn the tide or the tide claims us as its own."

He took a deep breath, looking to his own sons before his eyes swept over Adhemar's children. "Trust no Veracora, trust no Saherazai. And gain every ounce of royal favor you can muster. We will be petitioning the king for his assistance while he remains here... and I have no true certainty it will be granted."

Jayr Solvitreo 06-08-2016 02:16 AM

Jayr rolled his eyes, but said nothing..he didn't feel like getting into an argument. All he did was fix his steely gaze on Khorane. Let everything he said sink in. Why did he have to listen to and deal with this shit? What the fuck was father doing about all this? And what of Tagg?

"Shit," he hissed, and gripped the back of the chair. "Veracoras and Saherazais are naught but snakes and vipers. We'd have to be fools to trust them in light of this. For Gods' sake, we have some common sense, whatever you or father might think." Jayr pursed his lips. "The prince...Jason...mentioned training in Solarii together. I shall mention it again the closer we get to. Ty and Zaza I'm sure have done their parts to stay in good graces with the royals...

Tyana Solvitreo 06-08-2016 08:14 AM

“Thank you, Uncle,” she replied despite what they had been through.

Tyana remained silent for the moment as she heard what her uncle had to say. Her eyes darkened and the bile rose at the mention of Veracora and Saherazai coming together. It helped to feel that hatred making even her problems with Kyel almost insignificant.

She almost snipped back, but found that Jayr only voiced her thoughts as he mentioned exactly what Veracora and Saherazai were. They could not be trusted. No one could quite honestly. Bright eyes glanced over at Zanara to catch her reaction to everything or of she was going to remain coy. Jason considered Tyana as friend and Zanara as a lover, but it would ruin her chances to being with Thane as husband and wife to become Jason’s mistress.

However, Tyana was attempting to be more endearing to the King and Jason on another level. She did not wish to just be a mistress for her body to be used while manipulating them for political favor. It was something a Saherazai would do. Her skills, her talents, her mind perhaps, but as a last resort, her body would be for both of their fun and amusement. This was no game as their enemies just upped the ante, but finally began to reveal their hand.

”As Jayr said, we have never had any close kinship with the Veracoras and the Saherazais, but I do not think it would have hurt to have been and perhaps stopped this from ever happening in the first place. However, Lady Saherazai was rather elusive while she attempted to work her magic upon the court as friend and lover if the rumors were to be believed. We are young uncle, but do not underestimate us as everyone else at court might.” It was not that she did not trust her uncle or cousins, but what else she might have to say would be said in front of her father first and she wondered if Zanara felt the same way. Did she already tell Jayr what she had been up to?

Jayr Solvitreo 06-08-2016 05:39 PM

"She should have never been allowed to court to begin with," Jayr snorted. "The bitch, and the Veracora aim too high." He looked to the ceiling, groaned. "I believe the king, in his wisdom, will see the Veracoras, combined with the Saherazai fleet, is too much of a threat to ignore. And what does His Grace expect, for my lord father to roll over and do nothing? Let assholes bring our house to heel?" Good gods. "Oh and don't fret too much, Ty...I already know what you've done. I've been told. What matters now is what you've been doing to ingratiate yourself to royal favor."

Zanara Solvitreo 06-08-2016 11:01 PM

"Our cousin forgets who our lady mother is," Kyel snorted with a sharp look at Tyana. "Be glad it is easily-forgotten kinsmen who must treat their own dam as a stranger, coz. Would you rather it be your mother we sit here hissing over? Do you think his only inconveniences you?"

"Kyel!" Khorane glared at is son.

"Alia Saherazai bore our own grandfather, and Lord Khorane's father besides," Zanara said quickly, hoping to stop a shouting match between Ty and Kyel. "And what good have blood ties done our kin in Meridiez? None at all. Those who want war, want it whether or not they must sacrifice their own families. Winona Saherazai warded with Prince Bryce's household, and still she presses this? What if she truly does have the king's blessings?"

"Then you must ensure he un-blesses it, or charm his council to ward against such undertakings." Khorane looked from Zanara to Jayr, then to Tyana. "There will be no more mewling of Solvitreo pride for now. Set it aside, no matter what Zorayda's teachings say. Pride is for those who do not see their fates being rolled by the chancing gods. Don't just charm Vellfyres- do what you can to ease Lord Ascalon's furor over his nephew's execution. Lysarides, Zisamides... the others. We need all the allies we can gather."

Tyana Solvitreo 06-09-2016 08:48 AM

I only care what father thinks and how he reacts to my actions, but I was sending a message, Jayr. You would have done the same if not worse,” she replied darkly. “I am currently in the Princess’ household and am friends with the Seyfret’s eldest daughter. Her father has done unspeakable things and though she is hurt I am making amends, doing my duty to the Princess and have spoken the King a few times after the incident. He was only angered that I burned it down without his permission going against his own command. However, I believe he was glad that the abomination was cleansed with fire and he said that if I -behave- whatever that might mean, that he will speak to our father on my behalf. Perhaps that is something we can use.

~Did I really?~ Tyana thought to herself while meeting Kyel’s sharp look. It was her time to smirk even though she was being quite rude towards their family lines. Did he already forget Jayr described the Veracora and Saherazai as vipers? She almost quipped back that she now knew which traits he favored more and probably should leave the room for this was a Solvitreo meeting with a sneer when her uncle called Kyel’s name out. The comment he made about her mother…no their mother would render the air thick and impossible to breath in. Just a little bit of poison and heat to get his blood going, she wondered if he was still angry with her for punching him so hard that he turned almost a royal purple. It was nothing compared to what she wanted to do to him after his little farce to hurt her.

Zanara spoke the truth and that dampened the earlier glee to snipe at Kyel and then Khorane’s words with a soft sigh. “Of course, Uncle,” she murmured softly, but there was no remorse in her previous actions or words. It was probably too premature for Zaza to say anything about Jason, so she kept quiet too…for now.

Zanara Solvitreo 06-13-2016 08:41 PM

Khorane's eyes narrowed. "Or the king spared you while claiming your dower to weaken our family's treasury and make the Veracora's rise that much easier. Already, the treasure boat wended its way up the Godswash. You likely crossed its path on your way here. Gold we cannot use to hire sellswords and extra ships, Tyana. Gold meant to buy us royal favor with your marriage to a Vellfyre. The king knew what he was doing when he chose to send your dower to Seyfert instead of continuing talks with your lord father over your hand."

Zanara reached for Jayr's hand as her head swam from following the Classical Asseryan.
"I will speak to the Crown Prince. He and I... I think I can claim to have some sway with him. If he will speak on our behalf... would that assist?"

Khorane nodded. "I doubt it will do any great harm. The king has shown favor to his son's opinion in the past. Now, Jayr... it is your father's hope you may provide a male Solvitreo presence at court. Darres' injuries are... well, I do not know whether he will make his way south again. Tagganaro cannot be spared. I have told my sons the same: garner favor, however they can."

Tyana Solvitreo 06-14-2016 07:47 AM

Tyana placed an unreadable mask over her face. The retort was poised and ready to strike, but she stilled her tongue and remained silent…for now. She could not even imagine what the King was thinking and it would not be wise to speak for him just as it was not wise to act without his permission. ~Yes, remind us all that we are pawns.~ She thought darkly, but she continued to remain quiet just watching everyone else in the room instead except Kyel whom she just ignored.

She gritted her teeth again as her fist clenched, but continued to avoid any eye contact with Kyel as Khorane mentioned Jayr was coming to court and that his sons needed to garner favor. She knew that he could be charming, but it was to be manipulative and cruel…for his amusement just to see if he could.

Regardless of their grandmary’s ire, she should have just been trained as an assassin. Despite her height, she would never have the strength to make her opponent submit. Learn how to kill with pinpoint precision or even poison in their enemies’ wine. Who would be the wiser?

Jayr Solvitreo 06-23-2016 01:01 AM

He wanted to wring Tyana's neck, and would have, had Zaza not reached for his hand. "Father trusts me to do this?" Jayr snorted. "Very well. I'll oblige, I suppose. I'll be as charming as I can be. That will garner favor." Honestly, he found the whole thing rather ridiculous. If things were nipped in the bud to begin with, these problems wouldn't be occurring right now. At least, that's how Jayr saw it.

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