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Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:03 AM

4.2.31: The Witching Hour (Night, Kalden, Lenore)
He couldn't sleep.

A tale all too common, it seemed, for Kalden. How long had it been since he'd slept through the night? Too damn long...too damn long. The same dream...the same sounds of swords and steel ringing in his ears...the smell and taste of blood. Bolting up out of his bed, cold sweat pouring down his body, he raised his voice, asking his servants to light the torches in the rooms, light the fire...he didn't want to be sitting in the dark.

Too many shadows. Too much to deal with.

It was easier to sit in a chair by the fire, and stare into the flames. Warmth. Light. Nothing to spark the same old nightmares...

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:13 AM

Coming back from checking on their mother, Lenore was dragging her feet and not really wanting to go to bed. She bit her bottom lip and turned down a hallway that would take her the long way back to her own chambers. It was a fortnight till her namesday and the one thing she wanted she couldn’t really have. She sighed to herself and wrapped her arms around herself. Seeing a light coming from under… she glanced over her shoulder double checking which hallway it was then counting the doors. Kalden’s door.

Lights were on, then he was up, but was he entertaining anyone… that thought flickered through her mind for a half a second then she waved it away. Just in case though, she paused outside his door, and waited to see if there were any noises that did not sound like Kalden coming from inside. Not hearing any she reached up and knocked on the door lightly three times, and leaned against the door frame waiting.

Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:29 AM

He started a bit at the knock, and sighed when he saw it was his sister. "Least you knocked," Kalden tried to smile, but couldn't. "Couldn't sleep. What's your excuse for being up so late?"

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:39 AM

“I didn’t know if you might have a friend in or not… and that’s just not something I wanted to personally see.” She teased with a slow smile and made her way inside. “Looks cozy…” She murmured and sat down without waiting for an invitation. “Mmm… I went to check on mother, and it seems I am up more often than not at this time of night lately. Why are you awake?”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:44 AM

"I don't think it's something anyone wants to walk into my room and see," he said, with a scoff, but his face softened at the mention of their mother. "How is mother? And sleep is something that always seems to elude me. Nightmares," Kalden sighed. No good to lie about it...he knew his sister and her worrisome qualities. "Have had them since the wars."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 12:58 AM

Len smiled at that and shook her head, “And yet, there is such talk about your rugged good looks, brother… I’d have sworn you’d managed to charm at least one lady while here in Mirrormont.”

“Asleep thankfully, or I’d still be listening to her lecture on what I was doing out and about at this time of night.” She muttered, “Although, her maids assure me she’s recovering.”

At the mention of nightmares, her gaze softened and she nodded her head in understanding and she casually pointed at the lights. “Lighting up your room to keep the demons at bay?” She murmured knowingly. “Fever awakens mine… so the lights don’t really help. Though mine are less to do with war and more to do with my own mistakes.” Tilting her head softly, she knew better then to inquire about the nightmares… if anyone wanted her to know from now on… they’d just have to tell her on their own, she was tired of asking. Instead she went with a different route of conversation. “Have you spoken to Kellan?”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 09:07 PM

"Who is talking about my rugged good looks...the imaginary ladies here at court?" He snorted, before sighing. "That is good. Mother should be up and around in no time. And Lenore...thank you for not asking about the nightmares," he said, a bit of relief in his voice. "I want to be honest with you, and tell you what our cousins might be afraid to tell you: the wars, the things that we did, the things that we saw...they are enough to make your stomach turn, enough to make your blood run cold. No matter how much you say you'd understand or that you'd never look at us differently...you can never understand. And you'd look at us differently. Not on purpose, but...you would. Wouldn't be able to help yourself. So it's best that you never know."

That was the reason why Kellan also wandered around drunk and in a stupor. "No, I haven't. Haven't had a chance to. Been kept busy...why?"

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 09:30 PM

“Well, Salome says… you’ve caused quite a stir among the mountain ladies… or that’s what she heard from their maids.” Lenore looked amused knowing how rumors spread. He continued, but when he thanked her for not asking about the nightmares, she looked away from the fire to him and studied him a long moment as he continued speaking. “I know you would tell me if you could… or if you wanted to.” Lenore murmured and looked back to the fire. “Kalden, you underestimate me. I might look at you differently, but I’d be looking at the real you… not an illusion in my mind. In the end, it’s not me that is hurt by not sharing… it’s you… and them… “ She grew pensive again thinking to her conversation with Jason.

Shrugging, “I haven’t seen much of him either… I just… I worry when I don’t know what you and him are up too. Sometimes no news is not good news.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 09:37 PM

"Ech." He waved off the comment about the ladies. "They can go turn their attentions to someone else. Does there exist a lady anywhere out there who doesn't titter and act like a child?" Kalden looked at her and then at the fire, speaking more to it than to her. "I do not underestimate you. Know that. Just know that what I did was enough to where I can't ever forgive myself for performing my duties." He sounded almost...disgusted with himself. "And saying it out loud will not make it better, or absolve me in any way. Kellan's probably off getting drunk, as usual. But I am serving Jason for the time being, since Elijah is preoccupied with Shadowdale matters. That's all I've been doing. I've been staying out of trouble, if that is what you mean."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 10:00 PM

“Oh please! You are just a little pleased that they are tittering about you…” She laughed. “Mmm… not one still young enough to have a figure to interest you.” Lenore rolled her eyes at that.

“Kal, don’t worry about not telling me. I… understand.” The words, had started out insincere but by the last sentence she was surprised that she did understand and that it was okay that she didn’t know. Slipping her slippers off she tucked her feet up under her, “Mmm… I worry less about Kellan, he seems the one of us less likely to find trouble even when he’s looking for it.” Sighing, “I would like it if he made an appearance once in awhile though.”

Her gaze went to Kalden, her eyebrow raising. “Staying out of trouble’s way… I think that’s what you meant. Hmmm?”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-11-2015 11:14 PM

"Yes. That." He snapped his fingers, as if in revelation. "That is what I meant. And at least staying out of enough trouble so the king doesn't have an excuse to exile me to the mountains..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-11-2015 11:23 PM

Lenore smiled and shook her head, “Well… trouble’s conk on the head seems to have made his humors worse, so… just a heads up.” Shifting in her chair. “Could be worse he could marry you to one of these mountain girls… I’d think that would be worse than to be exiled again.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-12-2015 12:09 AM

"Depends on the mountain girl." He thought for a moment. "...I would not mind that Harrowmont's younger sister...the one I see with the princess...if she's witty enough, that is. She is decent enough to look at, I daresay...and decent enough to bed if she proves to be less than desirable in terms of intelligence..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-12-2015 12:36 AM

That… That brought a laugh to Lenore. “Be careful Kal. I hear uncle is planning some marriages while he’s up here. Yours might just be one of them if he hears you talking like that.”

She thought for a moment, “I think her name… is Zelda?” The name didn’t sound completely right and her brows furrowed, “That’s not right… but it’s something like that…” Lenore shrugged, “I didn’t picture you with that sort… honestly I thought you were more of a Lady Natalia type, brother dearest.”

"I'd imagine Kellan's engagement to Lady Byrony will end... which is sad because I thought they got along well..." It was part of the reason she'd wondered if Kalden had spoken to Kellan, but she didn't say any more on that.

Kalden Vellfyre 10-12-2015 01:37 AM

"What can I say," he said, his voice dry. "I'm a sucker for a blond...and Natalia? Not a chance. She's too quiet. At least from my experiences. I want conversation, not complete silence...and it doesn't surprise me. Elinor's dower would be worth much more to a Vayth than paying for her to marry our brother." Kalden sighed. "Though that is a shame. I may hate the way the little shit acts sometimes, but he deserves some bit of something resembling happiness."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-12-2015 02:03 AM

“Blonds? Really, who’d have guessed?” She giggled and shook her head, maybe that was a trait that ran in the family, though she didn’t dare say that. “I don’t know her that well, Tyana spoke well enough of her and Ziamara seemed to approve of her. I just assumed she was a sensible sort.” Frowning she nodded, “I am beginning to think we are the unmarriable branch of the family. Have you noticed my marriage ended? And your and Kel’s engagement both broken?” She gave a small smile, “And it seems like everyone else is either engaged or getting married? I just thought that was a bit funny.”

Nodding, “Mmm… the dower’s not that exciting I should think but the connections is what they’ll be looking for now. With a Vellfyre for the new Lady Vayth, they hardly need any more ties to the family… Maybe a Shoresman, for Byrony now? And let’s face it… Kellan is the only one of us that actually is a good marriage pawn… you and I… only if someone was really desperate after our stunts.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-12-2015 12:56 PM

"My engagement was broken?" He blinked. "I was just fucking about at the mention of marrying mountain girls...this is the first that I've heard of it. Jason didn't even tell me, that fucker...and neither did my uncle..." Kalden leaned back in his chair, and gave a relieved laugh. "Thank the gods for that, and thank you for saying something. Now Alys can go make some other man's life miserable, and I can enjoy my singledom for a bit longer..."

He held up a hand at the mention of their 'stunts'. "Please. I don't want to be reminded of that. I just want to forget it ever happened..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-12-2015 02:22 PM

Len frowned in thought for a moment, she could have swore that Salome had said she’d heard that Kalden’s engagement had been broken. Tilting her head, “I think so? That’s what the rumors are saying, that we are probably going to be married off to the border lords and ladies, or maybe in the Shores.” She shrugged, “You know how stuff is said, if Jason hasn’t mentioned it maybe it isn't official… or maybe it's just wishful thinking on some of the ladies at court.”

Biting her bottom lip, “Maybe you are still engaged, if you hadn’t heard anything it's possible.” She snorted, “I heard from Salome, whose aunt’s husband’s oldest sister’s middle daughter is sleeping with one of footmen. Made sense to me, engagements are broken all the time though… I just assumed maybe you’d finally talked uncle into marrying Alys to someone else.”

Rolling her eyes, “Please, your stunts are old news now… Tyana is in the center of the gossip for lighting that tower on fire.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-12-2015 04:31 PM

"Rumors have some form of truth to them...any spare Vellfyres would be useful to making ties to either the mountains or the 'shores..." Kalden would rather be wed to either of those than the nightmare that was Alys Fairwind..."And I take it to mean your stunts are also old news now. Has anyone given you any trouble over the matter? They shouldn't. I've more than fucking paid for my behavior...you have too, from what you wrote to me. People need to move on..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-12-2015 04:55 PM

“Mmm… Rumors do usually have some form of truth, but the form of truth can sometimes be hard to identify.” She shrugged, having been engaged to Brandon prior to the Kalden and Alys arrangement and having not been at all looking forward to that prospect, she’d decided to keep her nose out of Kalden and Aly’s business.

She rolled her eyes at him, “If you are meaning the rumors around Misrules and me… yes, they are old news. The rumors of my illicit affair with Ryam Vikary, Kellan, and you… those are becoming old news, and the rumors of Edric divorcing me… well those are still following me around and I suspect they will for a little while longer.” Len snorted, “It’s not every day that a Vellfyre gets thrown back to her family, even if it was done as… honorably … as this was supposedly done.”

Pretending interest in a hair that was clinging to her gown, she made a show of trying to pick it off in a brilliant attempt at avoidance. “I wanted to send him a doxy that left him feeling like his cock was going to fall off for taking the children but I don’t know where to procure one of those and even if I did no one seems to think that’s a good idea. I actually think, Jason might have squirmed a little when I mentioned it to him. He said something about men like Edric will get what’s coming to them… I just… wanted to shove that along a little.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-13-2015 01:07 AM

"I can help with that," he said, a bit of an evil glint in his eye. "Dear Lord Sollis would never have to know who it was from. Then again...everyone always has a way of finding out whenever I do something, so maybe not. Sorry, sister mine. Edric's dick will have to fall off in some other form or fashion..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-13-2015 01:55 AM

For a brief instant she thought he might have been serious to help her, she almost looked… enthusiastic, that is… till it fell through and she offered a somber laugh, “Yeah, well… you and me both… I think we didn’t inherit our mother’s subtlety. A pity really, the world wouldn’t know what hit them if we had…” She threw him a wink, then relaxed back against the chair.

Kalden Vellfyre 10-14-2015 12:15 AM

"I don't prefer subtlety. You know that." Kalden pressed his lips together in a thin line. "And at times, neither do you. Though I take it that whatever is happening between you and Kain...you are taking care to keep that subtle, in light of...everything."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-14-2015 12:30 AM

She just smiled, it was true. He didn’t prefer subtlety, and she rarely did. As the conversation turned to Kain though, her smile faded a little and she looked away. “Up until almost two weeks ago, I thought he was still hated me for my lack of subtlety in the matters with Ryam.” Focusing on the flickering fire, “I don’t know anything anymore. I don’t know up from down or anything else.” She stared a few moments longer, then looked back at him, “I am at a point where I am just trying to take things one day at a time, Kal… With this whole debacle with Edric that’s about all that I am capable of… and Parissa doesn’t make things any easier for me. What about you? How are you really doing?”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-14-2015 01:02 AM

"How am I really doing? Well...I think that our uncle is waiting for me to slip up, to fail, so he can finally be rid of me for good. I can't even be around Kain without wanting to beat his fucking face in. Gavin damn near drove me insane in the months I was in the mountains...then what happened to mother...it's about to make me jump out of my skin."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-14-2015 01:16 AM

That was a feeling that she was becoming well acquainted with, people waiting for you to slip up, to fail. Reaching out she offered her hand to him. “I think that’s a pretty common reaction to have towards Kain. He just evokes that from people. Half the time I just want to scratch his eyes out… the other half the time… I’ve the oddest notion to coddle him.” It unsettled her. She smiled though at the mention of Gavin, “Gavin…” Len cooed like a happy baby. “Oh, I’ve not gotten to see him yet… how is he?”

“Mother is tough, it won’t be long until she is whipping us all back into shape. But until then… please don’t jump out of your skin.” She smiled, “That’d be a sight to surely make me hide under the covers.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-14-2015 10:55 PM

"He is not one that you need to coddle. He's fucked up from the wars, just like all of us. It might take him a lot of time to get over it, if he'll get over it at all...take care around him. Please don't give me an excuse to turn him into a gods-damned eunuch, Lenore." Kalden rolled his eyes at the mention of Gavin. "Fucking strange, as usual, but then what else is new..." he didn't even really smile at her joke. "Hmph. Just as well. I wish I could hide under the covers and never come out, but I suppose I could do worse than helping Jason. Much worse."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-14-2015 11:16 PM

“Everyone is fucked up from the wars, Kalden.” She said in a warning tone, “Let me make one thing clear, if you feel the need to turn anyone into a eunuch, it won’t be for me. All I want is for everything to go smooth for just a little while. What do you think it would do to mother to hear you talk like that?” She shook her head trying not to take it too personal, “Besides, Kain’s attention are on Amina, and Gods knows who else… that I don’t know about… I am beginning to think I am not as observant as I once was.” Len sighed, her thoughts drifting to Sanya and Edric for a moment.

She smiled at the thought of Gavin and nodded her head, “He went with Zee, right? Or where’d they send him to this time? It’s been ages since I’ve gotten any time with him.”

“Mmm… look at it this way, as long as you are helping Jason, I’ll always be nearby since I’ve been moved to Parissa.” There was a hint of amusement in her tone over that, “She’s going to drive me mad though, did you know she took off on me while at a tourney in Delving… in Delving of all places?! Towers and outrageous priests just looking for someone to martyr and the silly girl decides to take me for a run through all the little vendors.”

Kalden Vellfyre 10-15-2015 01:26 AM

"Well...good. That's all you had to say, that his attentions are elsewhere. And don't tell me what I can and can't do, sister mine," he warned her, none too gently. "Stop getting yourself into situations where I have to turn people into eunuchs. Simple as that. "

He shrugged. "I don't know where Gavin is. Quite frankly, I don't care, either." Besides Rosina, his uncle's brood were all a bit fucking touched in the gods-damned head, in his opinion.

"Parissa." He rolled his eyes. "So the child-bride still has yet to mature, I take it? Has she driven Jason mad too? I never had the chance to ask him, and I don't really want to, come to think of it..."

Lenore Vellfyre 10-15-2015 02:06 AM

Narrowing her eyes at him, “Stop turning people into eunuchs… the ratio of men to women at court is disgusting… there are simply not enough… so stop trying to make them eunuchs.”

She rolled her eyes on Gavin but didn’t say more.

“What did you expect to go off to the mountain, with her a child-bride and return and she’d turned into a true femme fatale?” Lenore snickered, “Oh dear brother, wait till you are married… it doesn’t happen that fast. Marriage doesn’t change you that quick and there is a noticeable period where you have to attempt to live with someone else.” She shook her index finger at him and smiled smugly, “This… this is where I know something you don’t.”

Shrugging, “I am sure she’s driven Jason mad enough, she’s that sort of temperament. You don’t know whether you want to smack her, coddle her either.”

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