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Kain Vellfyre 05-27-2016 10:07 PM

4.30 night - totally normal - Kain, Amina
The celebrations for the tourney proved more entertaining than the tourney. Lord Harrowmont's drunken rabble of a household were in fine form, marring the dowager lady Carollin's tables by playing a game of dancing daggers and fingers. Only one finger was maimed thus far, but the night was young.

Kain excused himself from the roaring game, having kept his fingers intact for a round to prove himself. Now, a bit drunk an Carollin mead, he shouldered through the merry crowd. He paused at the edge of the dancers, lost for a moment in the quieter memories of dancing lessons and Volorro nights... until he glimpsed a face across the crowd. A very specific face. One he'd been avoiding more or less for the last week.

He took a drink of the mead. Perhaps it was a good time to stop avoiding her.

Kain didn't head directly toward where he'd seen her. Instead he took a more round-about route through the people, talking here and there and generally pretending he wasn't actually seeking anyone. Until he arrived in her vicinity.

"And where have you been hiding yourself, Lady Amina?" he asked as he walked up to her.

Amina Solvitreo 05-28-2016 03:12 AM

Amina had not seen Kain for the better part of a week. He'd not sent for her...he'd not so much as said hello to her. And that's what hurt the most...was he already tired of her? Were his words naught but a lie to get up her skirts? So many questions ran through her mind, all of them unanswered.

But she steeled herself. She was a Solvitreo, and they had souls stronger than steel, her father always said.

The celebrations were more fun than the tourney. Amina spent time with friends...she celebrated, she drank mead, and she felt a bit woozy. Kain's voice made her jump, and some of her mead spilled out of her cup onto the ground below. "More like where have you been hiding yourself, my lord." She spun to face him, curtsied, as best she could, but said nothing more.

Kain Vellfyre 05-28-2016 05:58 PM

"In armor and training, and correspondence." He watched her mead spill and looked down into her eyes with an arched, mocking brow. "Your usual grace is lacking, my lady. Perhaps a walk in the fresh air might restore your spirits?" He reached for her arm without waiting to hear an acceptance, like he was just steadying her but his fingers managed to brush her waist and up her side behind the full sleeve of her dress. "I did warn you I would be much occupied since we split the party."

Had he warned her? He couldn't now recall, but it didn't matter. And it was true-Alianor's return still left them short-handed, with Kalden and Lucia remaining in Grey Glenn with a handful of guards, and he had no interest in taking on too many replacement men here in Moonspit. The Carollin men were either green as grass or old as the stones--their best were already in the west, summoned to Harrowmont's banner. Leaving Kain, as acting Marshal for Rothgar, to growl at his serjeants and watch the local lads in the yard without any hope of actually filling the empty spots in the guard until Mallowkeep or perhaps all the way to Fairgrove. Of course that ate up the entirety of his spare time. All of it. He wouldn't be coming up with an excuse.

"Are you as ready for our departure as Lady Carollin no doubt is?" he asked her with a gentler tone.

Amina Solvitreo 05-28-2016 06:57 PM

In her somewhat tipsy state, she could not remember if he had warned her or not. "I know you have duties, my lord," she said, her voice sounding a tiny bit petulant, and she leaned into his side as he guided her away. "But even when you've been busy you've..." been more attentive. Amina let the last part of her statement go unspoken.

But she half-forgave him when his tone became more gentle, more like the Kain she remembered. "Yes. How one woman can be so snobby is beyond me. Besides, I look forward to seeing my father and cousins again..."

Kain Vellfyre 05-28-2016 07:16 PM

"I'm surprised that Lady Carolin isn't chasing Jayr around with the same fervor she showed toward my father. Perhaps one of the daughters will take up the cause tonight?" Kain laughed, walking with Amina toward the great doors. He stopped for the guards to open them and guided her on through. He felt no need to make a secret of their departure. He glanced at Amina in the dimmer, flickering torchlight outside the great hall. People were still coming and going, so he chose to walk toward the castle's gardens. For now.

"You mean you look forward to showing off that you're a Vellfyre's mistress?" he teased her, squeezing her arm a little as he said it. "That's better than any Carollin's managed. And--oh, is that why you're angry with me, Amina? Afraid I took up with one of them this last week?" He grinned.

Amina Solvitreo 05-28-2016 11:11 PM

She scowled at his laughter. Why did he have to laugh at her? "Kain, you--urgh, don't tease me." They continued to walk further away from the noise of the party. "Besides your duties keeping you busy, have I annoyed you in any way? Angered you?" Amina let the scowl leave her face for a moment as she looked up at him. "Is this why I haven't seen much of you? If I did, I want to know..."

Kain Vellfyre 05-30-2016 01:18 AM

"What could you have done, my lady?" His brows rose in artful curiosity. "If we have not seen one another to quarrel... perhaps there's something concerning you?"

Amina Solvitreo 05-30-2016 02:59 AM

"I have not done anything," she said, honestly, without any attempt to hide or be deceitful. "I just didn't know if I had angered you. If I upset you...you'd tell me if I did, wouldn't you?"

Kain Vellfyre 06-04-2016 02:08 AM

Kain did not stop walking as they talked, though his pace slowed. He glanced her way but his gaze flitted away moments later, a sigh passing his lips. "Do I seem the sort to hide true anger, my love? When all the world knows of me is my storied rage? He snorted.

He steered their steps toward the far doors of the terrace. There at least were shadows and a pair of trees to give some semblance of privacy to their discussion. They had little option in this crowded place, with his wife in his chamber and hers shared among gods knew how many girls and servants.

"Amina, tell me true: is this worry about me, or over something else in your mind?" His grip on her arm tightened ever so slightly--not enough to purposely hurt but in case she bolted. "Perhaps your thoughts are lingering on some other lord...?"

Amina Solvitreo 06-05-2016 09:53 PM

She sighed as well. "Both, love. I've heard whispers of me having done things with Lord Jacen in Moonspire, when all he did was took me out to the terrace for some air." She scowled. "And as if he would do anything...he spoke nothing but the highest praises of you and said he knew you and the prince well--he was camped with you in the war. He wouldn't have done anything. And I--I was worried that you had heard those stupid rumors, and I had not had a chance to tell you otherwise that nothing happened."

The look on her face...still honest, still undeceitful.

"That is why I thought you had not sought me out for a week. I thought..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-07-2016 01:56 AM

Kain's brow rose. "If you think he wouldn't do anything, you haven't properly met Jacen," he said with a snort. "But I admit, it's possible he believed I might kill him." He slid his hand down along her side, then curled at her waist to pull her closer to him.

"I believe you're being honest, Amina. And that if you did allow something to happen with a man, you would tell me yourself. Quickly." He bent his head to press a quick kiss to her lips. "I am insistent upon honesty, above all else. I am wed to a slut who lies as easily as she speaks--it leaves no patience for the rest of the world."

Amina Solvitreo 06-07-2016 02:06 AM

She rested both her hands on his shoulders. "And yet you have patience for me," Amina said, trying to distract him from thoughts of his wife. "Which is appreciated, Kain, as always." She gave him a small, teasing smile.

Kain Vellfyre 06-08-2016 02:17 AM

"I'm not patient with you." Kain's hands slid up her back and then down to cup her backside through her dress. "I'm trusting your honesty. Patience has naught to do with it." He squeezed, and his uninjured left hand began gathering up her skirt, not asking her permission but seeing if she'd let him do it. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. "A patient man wouldn't intend on rubbing your pretty little clit right now, would he?"

Amina Solvitreo 06-08-2016 02:30 AM

"Isn't patience meant to be the greatest of virtues?" She closed her eyes at his whisper, the huskiness of his voice. "And no, a patient man would definitely not do that...and a patient lady would not tell a man to make haste with his touch." Which, the simplest of touches from him now...brought her the greatest of pleasure. They were...almost electric. Gods.

Kain Vellfyre 06-08-2016 11:08 PM

He slid his hand under her gathered skirt without further ado, his fingers tracing her bare legs beneath while he used his free hand to turn her shoulder so she'd set her back against his chest, letting him block her bodily from the rest of the world. "Part your legs a bit, sweetheart." He pulled one of the ties loose on her undergarment and cupped her sex in his palm.

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 12:15 AM

Her back rested against his chest, and she looked up at him. Strange looking at him from this vantage point..."All...all right, Kain..." Amina did as he asked. They were out of doors...anyone might walk in on them at any moment. The prospect was scary. And--dare she say it--exciting?

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 12:46 AM

He slipped two fingers along the fold of her body, sliding deeper until he found her damp heat... His fingertips rubbed up then down, parting and seeking until he found the response he looked for--and the nub of flesh that provoked it. There his fingers remained, circling and stroking. He kissed her temple, her hair and let his other hand slide along her hip to keep her tight against his body. "Touch your breasts," he whispered. "Through your dress. Tell me, sweetheart... are those pretty nipples hard yet?"

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 01:11 AM

She shuddered. "K-Kain..." his name left her mouth on a low moan. The rough pads of his fingers teased her, toyed with the silkiness between her legs...the contrast made her shudder even more with each stroke. Amina's head rested against his chest, and her eyes slipped closed as she cupped her breasts. "I'm...I'm sure they are..." her thumbs brushed, lightly, over her nipples, and she gasped at the sensation, coupled with Kain's attentions...almost too much. "Oh, yes...they are..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 01:30 AM

He sighed against her hair, hard as hell in his breeches. But intent on the game. His fingers kept up the slow, teasing rhythm on her clit but gradually rubbed a little faster a little harder now and then. "I've been thinking about those gorgeous breasts," he whispered. "Of putting my lips on your nipples and sucking, like I did last time. Pinching, remember? Making you whimper so you'd still feel it the next day. Did you feel it, 'Mina?" His fingers pressed against her clit. "Did you think about me when you undressed?"

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 01:53 AM

She felt him grow hard, and whimpered. Amina wanted to tell him to stop with the teasing...stop it and just take her...but anticipation helped build up pleasure. "I...I d-did...and I..." she didn't finish her thought, for when he pressed against her clit, it damn near made her shake.

"Y-yes...I thought about...you..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 01:59 AM

"Play with your nipples for me." He kept his voice low to be barely heard even with his lips on her ear. "I love the way you shiver when you do." His fingers swept along her clit and then his thumb took over while the two fingers slid down to circle her opening. "My perfect Amina... sweetling, you're so wet. You want me, don't you?" As always, he ended the question by flicking her clit in a slow, erratic rhythm.

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 02:19 AM

What a question.

"Of...of course I do...I...I can't help but...want..." Amina caught her nipples in between her thumb and second finger...gently pinched, shivered. Gently pinched, shivered. "Even thinking of what you do to me...what you always do to me, makes me wet. The nights I cannot be in your bed, with you...I..." another gentle pinch, this time in tandem with his touch between her legs. "...damn..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 02:54 AM

"That's it. Harder. Like you'd be begging me to fuck you right now." His fingers slid into her tight channel, curling then thrusting a little, so his thumb hit her clit with pressure at the same time. "Make yourself cum, 'Mina. You know that's what you need."

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 03:11 AM

He drove her crazy.

She pinched herself...hard...and groaned, with no care as to their surroundings. "But I...you need it...as much as I..." Amina bit down on her lip to give herself focus in the midst of the pleasures pressing down upon her. "I can feel...how hard you are...I can tell you want to fuck me..." she pressed herself even closer to him, to where she could completely feel him. All of him. They'd not seen each other for a week...she wanted to draw this out. To tease him.

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 03:24 AM

"I'm going to fuck you," he hissed, nipping at the edge of her ear. "You're going to pinch your pretty breasts hard, until you come on my fingers..." He shoved them in a little harder to make the point. "And then, when you're shaky wet to your thighs, I'm going to push you against that wall and fuck you with my hand over your mouth so no one hears you when you take every single bit of me." He teased a third finger at the edge of her pussy. "You'll like that, won't you?"

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 03:51 AM

She pinched the clothed coverings of her breasts, and she moaned...painful, pleasurable. As was the nip of his teeth near the soft skin of her ear...the thrusts of his fingers...the threat of him adding a third finger. "Oh yes...and I will like feeling you...being possessed by you...you...gods..." Almost there. Almost...the prospect of being outdoors was exciting to be sure, but Amina knew she was loud when she came. And she did not wish their first time together in a while to be interrupted...that slight bit of fear held her back. "Please...I need...more..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 04:04 AM

He used his free hand to grab her hair at the base of her neck, close to her scalp to avoid hurting her but dragging her head sideways as his fingers speared into her tight, clenching body. "Slide your fingers down your dress and fondle your breasts," he growled the order near her ear. "Or do you need a spanking out here for all the gods to watch?" His fingers twisted inside her, spreading a little to stretch her passage. .

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 02:25 PM

He didn't care, apparently, about how loud she might be...he didn't want to be teased overmuch...and she would have lasted much longer anyway. "N-no..." she loosened the ties on the front of her dress, exposing her breasts to the cool night air. "Oh..." she cupped them, fondled them...and felt herself let go, felt herself clench around his fingers, come on them..."Kain...fuck..."

Kain Vellfyre 06-09-2016 05:46 PM

He smiled against her throat, and let go of her hair to put his hand over her mouth after she'd said his name. Her body's reaction made his own damn near betray him, but he didn't stop rubbing and fucking her with his hand until her tremors eased. Having her wanton and bare-breasted in the terrace...? "Gods, I love you," he whispered as his fingers finally slid out of her, and he let go of her mouth once the furor was spent.

He put his arm around her to hold her to him. "You're so willing, sweetling." He kissed her neck as one hand slid up to cup her bared breasts. "You remind me there are women who are more than selfish whores. Who have hearts and souls. Kind, sweet girls who deserve pleasure." His fingers traced light patterns over her breasts.

He slid his other hand hand around her hip to finish untying her smallclothes while he spoke, catching them in his fingers. He tucked them into his belt while he unfastened his breeches. A few moments' adjustment had his cock against her bare backside, thrusting against her damp heat without entering her.

"Imagine what Lady Carolin would say if she found us here, defiling her pretty terrace."

Amina Solvitreo 06-09-2016 06:08 PM

"And I you...gods...I love you, too..." yes, she was willing, so much so that she'd do anything he asked of her. Amina loved hearing him speak about her in such a way...to reaffirm how he felt about her. And he reaffirmed not only with his words, but also with his actions...his kisses, his touches...gods, the way the pads of his fingers felt against the softness of her skin... "I would relish the look on that bitch's face," she let out in a breathy chuckle, as he continued to tease, this time with his cock. "I want you to..." she hissed, feeling herself get even more wet. "...mark me. Let everyone know that I am yours...only yours..."

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