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Elinor Vellfyre 06-09-2016 09:57 AM

5.5 Early Morning | Grey Glenn - Life Continues On | Rhaegar [Closed]
Elinor should have felt more balanced and at peace when Lucia finally woke. Then shortly after Kalden and began to show goods signs of recovery. Both stubborn and fighting for their lives. She continued to pray for their full recovery. There was still the concern about Lucia's eye knowing and understanding what Lanius warned her of. She was tired of being the unwilling villain in order to save her sister's life and worst yet, the girl might just end up killing herself if it was taken. Would she hate her life so much to just throw it away? Was everything so very miserable for her that Lucia would resort to such an action? Was she willing to gamble the result?

The time here in Grey Glenn was nice and quiet now that a majority of the Royal progress had moved on. The men that were left behind to protect them for when they were to join the Progress helped reinforce the security of the place while hunting for food to ensure that the larders were filled back up. Elinor and her ladies helped Lady Hunter and Elayna with extra hands to help run their household. It was good practice to duties that she once thought would never really be necessary.

At times, she wondered how the progress was doing along with all of her cousins scattered in the wind, but her thoughts also lingered upon how Rhaegar was doing. Byrony was ever the quiet mouse and Elinor attempted to give her the space she needed all the while keeping her own worries to herself. She could not fool herself knowing that Tal Vayth would be nothing like Grey Glenn, but she would prevail with the help of the gods and she believed that whole-heartedly.

Since a majority of those visiting were leaving in waves, Rhaegar was also preparing to leave as well. That had her and her ladies moved into the keep instead of a tent that was usually reserved for guests. She felt exhausted and it was still too early to rise knowing that most days she was up before the sun was. She turned back over and re-arranged her pillows in an attempt to sleep for a few more moments in an attempt to be indulgent.

Rhaegar Vayth 06-10-2016 06:26 PM

Rhaegar strode back into Elinor's room, hair having come loose from a broken tie and helmet tucked under his arm. There were things other than training to be done today but he needed the clarity found on the practice field so a couple short bouts were all he allowed himself.

Elinor was in bed, not that he blamed her. Had he been able to sleep at all lately, he'd have been beside her. Still, he avoided making as much noise as he could while he set the helm aside. He't discarded most of his armor with Olyvar at the field, washed up before returning to avoid subjecting her to the unavoidable stench of sweat-soaked leather and gambesons, so he remained clad in a simple tunic and breeches, a little damp from washing and entirely distracted by the pair of letters waiting him on a table by the door.

He shot a quick glance at Elinor as she stirred, more than a little sure she no longer slept. "There is food, if you are awake enough, my lady."

Elinor Vellfyre 06-10-2016 07:49 PM

"I am not quite ready to break my fast, Rhaegar," she murmured softly as she sat up in bed trying to rub the sleep from her eyes. "How long have you been up?" She asked feeling a little bit guilty that she slept in.

She drew the covers back and pulled herself out of bed trying not to look so reluctant. Then she put on her robes and wrapped the sash across herself as well as her slippers as she went to Rhaegar's side. Her eyes noted the letters as well and she tilted her head. "Is there anything I can help you with?" Still feeling rather sore and stiff, but attempted to stifle a yawn.

Rhaegar Vayth 06-13-2016 08:55 PM

"I could not sleep," he admitted with a shrug. "I rose before I should have. Poor Olyvar's likely to be fainting into his soup at the midday meal."

He glanced her way as she approached. After a moment he reached out to adjust her belt, evening the ties and the bow around her waist. "You look to be the one in need of assistance. Are you feeling well, my lady?"

Elinor Vellfyre 07-11-2016 07:54 AM

There was concern in her eyes, which she did not voice, but she chuckled just then. "I hope the other men will save him from accidentally drowning in his soup."

First, there was surprise and then a blush appeared at Rhaegar's careful ministrations as she met his gaze. "Oh. I mean yes, of course. I'm fine," she said in her gentle tone. "Just exhausted. I must be pushing myself too hard," she replied to his concern not quite used to telling anyone about herself in particular. She purposely excluded the stiffness and the body aches thank goodness that the ache in her head had passed at least.

"It will pass in a few days and until then I will just indulge myself a little bit with more sleep," she added with a smile attempting to sound nonchalant while changing the subject.

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