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The Oracles 11-10-2012 07:24 PM

(10) Heraldry of Sutherland
Every knight has the right to bear his own coat of arms. A soldier who is not knighted may bear the arms of his sworn lord.

Every child born to a noble house has the rights to bear and display the arms of that house, and may have their own personal coat of arms at their choosing- most will make some variant on their family’s arms, or combine the sigil of their father and mother in some way. Noble bastards often will choose to invert the sigil of their noble parent’s house.

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OOC'ly for the purposes of identifying who is who, when you make a noble character or a character sworn to a particular house, go into the User CP>> Group Memberships and join that house. The banner of the house will be displayed beneath the character's username.

If your character is a lady who is married, you need to decide if she has taken her husband's name or not, and whether she displays her family's sigil or her husband's. If she 'married up' then she probably took her husband's name and displays that family's crest. If she 'married down' or is a Ractis/Solvitreo/Vellfyre by birth she probably uses her own last name and crest, but that depends on her character and who she married.

If your character is not head of his family or holds no lands, you can choose to use his/her liege lord's sigil/user group until such time as the character or his/her family gets lands and titles.

If you wish to make your character's personal arms, they can be displayed in their signature.

Template for Making A Sigil: (Save and work on it with your image making program of choice)
<img src=images/template.png>

A Heraldic Primer - some ideas for heraldry for your banners.
Coat of Arms Generator
My Blazon

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