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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Home to the king and his court, the 'reach is a warm and lovely landscape, where nobles love songs, chivalry, and pageantry.
Full Description .
Tal Volorro . Blacktide . Kingsport . Oldcastle . Delving .
by Lanahit
02-11-2017 12:35 PM Go to last post
760 23,388
The capital city, first of the Asseryan consuls and now of House Vellfyre. Tal Volorro is both a magnificent feat of Asseryan engineering and a convoluted maze of narrow streets and dark alleys that has grown rapidly and unplanned since Kadreth's War.
Further Information . Tor Vellesca
by Lanahit
02-11-2017 12:35 PM Go to last post
481 13,524
The largest port city in Kingsreach, with a population of almost 36,000. Blacktide serves as a business center where trade and enterprise thrive. For whatever reason, the city is not exactly host to the friendliest sort of people, and has a bit of a reputation for not being the sort of place you want to be alone in at night. In recent years, Blacktide was plagued by a series of riots, but it was put down before it could escalate and now the city is recovering well.
15 409
The smaller (population 8,000) but northernmost port of the 'Reach, Kingsport's fortunes faltered and fell in the last ten years with Zaksalam cutting off the northern trade routes, but the city is recuperating with the return of trade. The town's name is from the Vellfyre summer palace which is built nearby and serves as a seat for younger sons and a place for the court to flee in case of plague in Tal Volorro.
06-03-2015 12:08 AM Go to last post
168 5,886
Almost 3,000 people reside in the lord's seat, ruled by House Seyfert. Delving is the closest town to the northern mountains and saw its share of grief in the Border Wars. The lords here have maintained closer ties to their western neighbors across the border, and to Westridge than other houses of the 'Reach.
10-26-2015 01:17 AM Go to last post
62 2,611
Dwindled now to 1700 souls in the lord's seat, Oldcastle is a city of ruins- once capital of the Vellstayth kings, and home to the crumbling Swan Palace though House Howe managed to maintain it to a better degree before their line was extinguished. Since A331 it has been ruled by legitimized bastard, Gareth Agrivale.
1 1
A city of 12,580 souls, ruled by House Vayth of the same name. Tal Vayth is the westernmost city in the Reach, and its location by the broad River Arrow has helped it prosper as a trading hub.
Never 0 0
The mountainous region ruled by House Harrowmont, noted for treacherous roads, snowwine, ghost tales, fabled mines and ruined fortresses. Elonian raids are tearing at the peace of the land.
Full Description .
Mirrormount . Moonspire .
198 6,545
Ruled by House Carolin. A town of 4,584 people on the banks of the Godswash, known for fur, lumber, game and fish.
The allowances for hunting are awarded yearly to lords or other selected by Lord Carolin. The town itself is home to a sizable cult of Erianthe, the high priestess of which is Lord Carolin's own sister.
21 436
Ruled by House Mondragon.
A dwindling city of 1,810 souls, its income is from the snow-leaves and vineyards on the slopes, and copper ore from the last mines in the area.

Mirrormount takes its name from the glorious fortress that stands incongruously just to the north, on a high bluff- the vast edifice is an odd creation. Some of its older towers feature odd spires with polished stone that still shines and shimmers in the light--a feature from a time before Asserya. Silverhall is its name, but many others call it Mirrorfell these days as the silver that once flowed into this vast holding from western mines is long gone, lost to Elonia with the final settlements of the Border Wars
80 3,254
The seaside lands of House Solvitreo, home to citrus groves and bustling ports, filled with traders from all corners of the world. The shores are reverent of learning and luxury.
Full Description
Tal Solarii . Fairgrove
9 156
The largest city in Edolon, with a population of 63,960 souls, it's also the largest port and home to House Solvitreo. The city is wild, raucous, and known for the elaborate games staged in its grand, Asseryan-style arena, and for the Magisterium--the bastion of education in the kingdom. Teeming with students and sailors, merchants and game-makers, Solarii is rarely quiet and never dull.
The Solvitreos rule from the towering Sunspire, an Asseryan-era palace, labyrinthine as it is ornate, rich with fountains and groves of fruit trees.
1 15
A town of 3,958, ruled by a lesser branch of House Solvitreo and treated as Lord Solvitreo's summer retreat. Fairgrove is named for its citrus groves and located along the Godswash, a main transit route from the mountains to the Tal Solarii port.
8 141

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