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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Making In-Character Threads & Posts

When starting a new thread, make sure to include the date, subject and status of the thread. If a thread is going to contain heavy amounts of violence, sex, or other such things, you must add a warning for that subject as well, and select the Mature prefix. (to the left of the Threat Title)

  • The date will help place the events of the thread within the timeline of the game; list month, day and year in that order.
  • The subject can be anything to describe the thread in question; a word, a phrase, a song lyric, a quote.
  • The status will let other players know who can tag into your thread; [open] threads are open to all characters in that location, [open to all ladies] will restrict your thread to a certain group of people, [solo] should be used when posting a scene that only your character is involved in. If you know the characters who will participate in a given thread, list their names in place of a status marker.
  • The warning is only needed on particularly violent or explicit threads that definitely require a mature audience. This is just so no one wanders into a surprise evisceration or orgy. A simple [M:Violence] or [M:Sex] or just some kind of specific warning, as long as it's present. If you think the thread is going into R or NC-17 territory, put a warning.

    02.14.29 - Forever Alone [solo]
    04.22.29 - A superstitious, cowardly lot - Bruce, Barbara
    10.31.29 - let's get dangerous... [open to all ducks]
    01.01.30 - Can't hug every cat! - Mittens, Nipsy, Boots (Contains violence)

Conflict Resolution

1. Try to work it out with the person you are in conflict with. If you feel unable or disinclined to work it out, continue to step two.

2. If the conflict is over something going on in a thread, have all parties concerned submit dice rolls to The Oracles via PM. The mods will answer with the outcome of the thread. All parties are expected to play off this decision. There will be no appeals.

3. If the conflict is over an OOC issue, please PM The Oracles with the pertinent information. Remember that the Edolon staff do not moderate off-site interactions. We are not going to hand out on-site punishments for misbehavior on some other unrelated corner of the internet, nor are we all that psyched to see chat-logs, or hear about "this one time at band camp this one game..." However, if whatever it is a serious issue that makes you feel unsafe, then please let us know about it.

Why/When does this game use dice?

Mostly this is merely as a defense against the dread plague known as "RPdrama." It is a terrible plague, that has stricken down many a fantastic thread. It's a lot harder to get upset because of dice than *insert usual reason for rp drama here.* Because, let's face it, only five year olds seriously throw a fit about dice rolls going badly.. or people in casinos who really did need that rent money. Neither of which apply here.

  • To achieve tourney results, the mods will ask for various dice rolls and arrange winners via whatever system they picked (they'll explain their systems in the OOC sign-ups for the tourneys). If there is a PC vs PC duel and the players have not agreed on an outcome or get in a dispute, they are to submit dice rolls to the mods, who will use the dice rolls to decide the outcome. Common moments the mods will ask you to pull up a dice roller:

  • If a PC is participating in something very risky (tourney, melees, battle, ambushes, etc) then the mods will ask the player to submit dice rolls to see if the PC gets hurt, or how serious it is.
  • If there's something that might be a suicide mission, the mods will warn OOC that death is on the table- and as the ONLY SINGLE EXCEPTION to not using OOC info ICly, the player may put their character somewhere else. That's it. That's the only, single, solitary time you get to cheat.
  • Birth control in Edolon is not 100% effective. PCs having sex constantly may get a PM from the mods requesting they start submitting dice rolls for each round to determine pregnancies (yes, even male characters sexing up NPCs - got to keep count of those bastards, boys). Unless your character is infertile, of course.

What does ICA=ICC mean for me? aka: Will someone randomly kill my character??!

Your character may end up dead if they've been up to things that might get them killed. The rules say In Character Actions= In Character Consequences, not Everyone Dies Now. OOC'ly you should have a pretty good idea if your character's been up to something that might have a fatal consequence.

We put ICA=ICC in the rules because in the course of all this intrigue, treachery, treason and deceit, someone at some point will get caught, will fail in an assassination attempt, or trust the wrong person. Plus, having Lord McEvil over there never being executed, outlawed, assassinated, or even looked at funny when he's blatantly tried to stab the king over dessert six times this week is just a tad ridiculous, so we have a rule. In general, just try to use earth logic about your treasonous activities and it should be fine.

More often than death, what ICC mean is that if your character say, insults their brother, then brother gets to be mad about it if he wants to be, and in the out of character realm you do not get to order brother's player to wipe brother's memory of the incident or insist "But noooo they're still best bros! We made them best bros so that has to be true NO MATTER WHAT MY PUPPET DOES!!!" because... no. Puppet's actions have consequences. The puppets in Edolon affect things around them and are in turn affected by the things around them. It goes both ways.

NPC's and Temporary Characters

If you need somebody to show up for a scene to deliver a message, or inform you that orcs are attacking the castle is now under siege, use one of the NPC Accounts available for all players' use (here).

If you need a character who will be around for a handful of scenes and appear in various threads and interact with several people, then they need to be a Temporary Character. If you cannot puppet them without breaking the limit on characters per house, ask the mods or other players to help out.

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